Lunch Break screens at Lady Filmmakers Festival!

Josh had the pleasure of starring in the hilarious, but cringe-worthy short Lunch Break over the summer. The short, directed by Tyler Smith and written/starring Mo Allen, highlights frustrations with misogyny in the workplace.

Josh said of the project, “I am proud to be part of Lunch Break, especially because I am helping shed light on a poignant issue during such a transformative time in our culture.”

Before she can go on her lunch break, office receptionist Mel is pushed to the limits by her boss's sexist demands, including babysitting his precocious six year-old son.

Lunch Break took home the award last weekend for Best Picture at the Lady Filmmakers Festival!

Check out the trailer and photos from the Lady Filmmakers Festival below. You can keep up with all things Lunch Break on it’s official Instagram account HERE!